The massive vessel towered above the motor boats that lined the pier. The sturdy wooden planks harkened back to ships of old and seemed out of place along the modern New York harbor. The ship’s whistle drowned out the din or the busy city streets as it called for its passengers to come aboard. I pick up my suitcase, anxious for the adventure ahead, and I walk the gangway without looking back at the city behind me. I am starting a year away at sea, without the pressures of chaotic city life. As I cross the threshold into the ship’s main cabin, I am transported back to another time. The lush red carpet juxtaposed with the lavish gold accents are reminiscent of a luxurious lifestyle only seen in movies. A clean-cut porter greets me in hallway with a glass of champagne. “Welcome, Miss. Please join us in the dining room for the Captain’s Welcome.” I take the champagne, kiss my desk job goodbye, and prepare myself for the adventure of a lifetime.

Prompt from 365 Creative Writing Prompts.


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