This week has been fairly exciting – and it’s only Wednesday!!

Day 28 and 29: Final Spring Concert and Jazz Choir performance at the district retirement dinner.

Day 30: New Job!

Today, I told my students that I have taken a new job. After our wonderful concerts last week and this week, the discussion was definitely a challenge. However, I have been offered the chance to run my own choir program (and it’s full time). While I am sad to be leaving my current students, I am so excited by the possibilities. I think this is the biggest “Say Yes” opportunity I have (which is certainly fitting given that it’s the end of the month). I love my current school, but I said yes to an opportunity that would push me and give me space to grow. I am incredibly excited for my new adventure!

That’s it! Challenge #1 is complete. Stay tuned for challenge #2 -starting tomorrow!


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