The last week has been INCREDIBLY busy with all sorts of new adventures! So much so, that I have not had the chance to blog about any of my ‘Say Yes’ happenings. Once again, I find myself playing catch up. Instead of chronicling all of my adventures this week with detail, I am choosing to focus on one. Days 22-26 included many experience that took me out of my comfort zone or out of my routine including a choir concert, meeting a colleague for coffee, making new recipes and seeing old friends, trying new breweries, playing new games, and having dinner with students. Each of those experiences were wonderful, but the highlight had to be Day 27.

Yesterday, I went to the Denver Actors Fund Benefit Concert featuring local performers and performers who are from Denver but have gone on to have successful careers on Broadway or elsewhere. The DAF provides monetary gifts to actors and technicians who are struggling with medical needs. They have given over $86,000 as gifts in their short 4 year existence. This organization is truly one of my favorites in Colorado.

The concert last night was terrific and all of the performers brought their A-Game to this wonderful concert. Some highlights included a rousing disco number sung by the First Lady of Denver, Four Seasons hits performed by the always entertaining Jerseys, and performances from Broadway stars Mara Davi, Beth Malone, and Annaleigh Ashford.

While the concert was wonderful, that was not my “Say Yes” moment. My friend Kayleigh and I stayed for the VIP Reception after the concert. The concert did not end till 10:30, and it was a school night, but I am so glad I stayed. I had the chance to catch up with some old Academy of Theatre Arts friends (many of whom I had not seen in 15-20 years) and got to hob-knob with the theatre community of Denver. It was truly inspiring to see the community come together for a great cause. I will definitely be at DAF events in the future!





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