Wow! So this blogging thing totally got away from me! I was busy doing so many new “Say Yes” adventures, that I forgot to blog! Here’s a short recap of my past weekend.

Day 18: Recital time! One of my best friends from grad school had her Master’s Voice Recital. While I now live an hour and a half away, it was incredibly important to me that I did. Allison was wonderful, and her program was beautiful! Even though I’m around music all the time, I never get to just sit back and enjoy someone’s performance. It was so nice to take a moment to appreciate really good music.

Day 19: Game night! During my stay in Boulder, my friend Vicki took me to a game night with some of her friends. Though I am often quiet around new groups of people who know each other well, I found myself quite at ease. I was introduced to new people (including some who live in Colorado Springs!), and I was introduced to new games! I now have the Head’s Up App downloaded on my phone. For anyone who likes guessing games, such as Pyramid or Password, this one’s for you!

Day 20: A Spot of Tea. I have explored many of the hipster coffee places in Colorado Springs, and I really enjoy the minimalist atmosphere of these locations. However, none of these coffee shops are really cozy. Yesterday, I met a friend at Montague’s Parlour, an adorable tea parlour just south of Downtown Colorado Springs. This could be my new favorite place. China plates and comfy arm chairs adorn this cozy and inviting establishment. There’s a comforting air about the parlor, as if patrons are sitting in the living room of a Victorian home. Their tea was lovely, and the cases of pastries were enticing. I will definitely be returning (especially when I’m eating sugar again 🙂 ).

Day 21: Senior Luncheon. As the end of the school year is quickly approaching, my calendar has filled up with various activities and celebration that require a choir performance. Today marked the start of these occasions with the senior luncheon. As I walked in the ballroom of the Antler’s Hotel, I was flooded with flashbacks from my senior luncheon 9 years ago. It was exciting to see all of the seniors dressed up, and the memory boards they had put together were adorable. It was nice to have an afternoon off campus and honor the students I work with.


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