Hello! It’s been an active few days, and while I have continued with my “Say Yes” challenge, I have not had time to blog about it. So, I’m going to get caught up now.

Day 11: A Workshop With a Mentor

Last summer when I was newly hired, I had coffee with a high school choir director of mine to ask him tips and tricks as I navigate my new job. He mentioned that he does clinics for the choirs of former students, and he asked if I’d be interested. Well, I quickly said “Yes!” We scheduled a date far in advance, and he finally came to work with my groups on Friday.  Though I was incredibly nervous, I can easily say that having Mr. E come and work with my students was one of my most exciting days I’ve had all year. It was wonderful to see my students get the same joy from hearing him talk excitedly about choral music, and it was completely rewarding to have him complement my groups on their music making. Many of the tricks I use come from his class, so it meant a lot to me to show him what I learned. While my students grew a lot from working with him, I may have learned even more by being on the director side of the rehearsal. I ended that day re-energized and excited to finish out the year, complete with new strategies and tools. I am so glad I have such an incredible mentor and colleague.

Day 12: A Trip to the Denver Zoo

My brothers came to visit this weekend! It has been almost a year since my whole family of 5 has been together, and the stars aligned that we all could be together this weekend. Because of this, my parents planned a fun weekend, jam-packed with family activities, including a trip to the zoo. If you haven’t been to the Denver Zoo, it is one of the best zoos I have ever been to. It is well laid out, interactive, and diverse. Often, visitors can see animals active in all of the exhibits, and Saturday was no exception. Recently, the zoo has added a few animals to its number – a baby giraffe and a baby gorilla. The baby giraffe was lovably awkward and adorable, but it was the baby gorilla that stole my heart. Her tiny frame was dwarfed by the full grown gorillas in the habitat, but she actively played and followed his parents. It was adorable to see her attach to her mother for a ride across the floor or just help getting up. I could have easily watched her all day.

Day 13: One of the Weirdest Card Game I have Ever Played

I love card games of any kind. Hearts, Gin, Spades, Poker, Spit, Uno, Cards Against Humanity – you name it. I become incredibly competitive, especially when there are absolutely no stakes whatsoever. I have been introduced to some odd and complicated games over the years, but Sushi-Go! has to be one of the strangest, but most fun (and strategic) games I have played. Sushi-Go! was introduced to my by a friend at an Easter gathering tonight. The goal is to collect the most points in a round by collecting cards and passing along others. The cards, which all feature different types of smiling sushi, have different point values at the bottom or ways to win points, so players need to pay attention to how they are choosing cards. After several rounds of complete and utter failure, my friends and I finally understood how to play this game, and it was a blast. It was exactly what I needed heading into a long week at school.



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