On a Monday or Tuesday night, I normally love curl up in bed and watch Chopped or read a book. Right now, I’m reading Amy Schumer’s book (it’s fantastic – if you haven’t read it, pick it up now). As this month’s challenge would have it, however, I need to say ‘Yes’ to something out of the ordinary every day. So, this Monday and Tuesday, I said yes to two different celebrations.

Monday marked the first night of Passover. While I do observe Passover every year, I was not sure I would be able to make it to my family’s celebration because I live about an hour away, and it was a school night. That said, I decided it was important to me, so I RSVP’d with an emphatic “Yes!” I am so glad I did not miss this family celebration. My uncle is an incredibly creative person, and he likes to spice up our traditional seder every year. This year was no exception. So, instead of assigning reading roles like normal, all participants at this year’s Passover seder had a Bingo-board, complete with Passover’s greatest hits (I never thought I’d yell ‘Bingo’ after the word ‘boils’ was called, but there’s a first time for everything). My family and I observed the holiday while laughing the night away, which is just what I needed after a long Monday at school.

Today (Tuesday), I went out after school to celebrate the birthday of a good friend and co-worker. Ordinarily, Tuesdays are reserved for cooking, yoga, and TV, but I jumped at the invitation to celebrate. It was nice to break up the week, especially after a long day of proctoring the SAT, and celebrate a good friend who has become such an important part of my support circle in Colorado Springs. I still did yoga and watched TV (the cooking will have to wait till tomorrow), but it was important for me to be social first.

I may return to my den tomorrow and Thursday, but I’m glad that I started the week with these festivities!


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