I have a terrible track record with plants. I once bought a basil plant. I would walk by it and think, “I should water that,” and then I would keep walking. Needless to say the plant did not last. Recently, a co-worker gave me a plant to look after, and I have asked my 14 year-old TA to monitor the plant because she is far better with it and more responsible than I am. I am a green thumb failure.

That said, I have recently discovered the therapeutic activity of weeding. I live in a cute townhouse with a small yard, which attracts its fair share of unwelcome plants. Now that spring has finally sprung in Colorado, dandelions and other deceptive greens have sprouted and taken over our yard. On this temperate spring day, it seemed like a perfect time to remove some unwanted lawn inhabitants. I was provided with an incredible sense of catharsis thanks to yanking things out of the ground and throwing them away. This was especially true if the root was particularly stubborn. I like to think of this as some sort of metaphor for my life. Some unwanted stress has taken root, but I have the ability to dig it up and throw it away. Some stress might prove more challenging to get rid of, and I might decide to hack at it a little bit and decide to come back to it again when I feel stronger. Other obstacles are easier to knock away and get rid of, purging them from my life.

When I ended my short weeding afternoon, there was plenty more to tackle another day, but I felt a sense of accomplishment and calm.


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