I think anyone can agree that moving to a new city is challenging. Finding a place to live, getting settled in a job, and finding a support system all take time. When I moved to Colorado Springs, I was very fortunate in that I found a place to live with great people incredibly quickly thanks to mutual friends. Though my roommates and I are on totally different schedules and I never see them, they are wonderful people and made my transition to a new city that much easier.

At work, I made an effort to ingratiate myself in the school community. I met people from different departments in order to establish a network at my work place. Through various happy hours, trivia nights, and school events, I have become great friends with numerous co-workers. This network at school has been invaluable to me as I transitioned from Boulder to the Springs.

Outside of school, it took a little longer for me to feel comfortable putting myself out there and meeting new people. This was partially because of my crazy work schedule, but my desire to be an introvert and reenergize on weekends kept me from really reaching out. As discussed before, I am not the most comfortable showing up to things on my own when I do not know anyone, and I tend to wait for an invitation. One such invitation came early January when my roommate introduced me to a bunch of her friends through a Bachelor viewing party. I haven’t been an avid Bachelor fan in the past, but I quickly jumped at the opportunity as a way to meet new people. This quickly became one of the best decisions I have made as I met wonderful women who have welcomed me with open arms.

This month’s challenge is not just about pushing myself out of my comfort zone or out of my routine, but about saying yes to opportunities. This weekend, I was invited to a 1920’s party at Bristol Brewing and then a Bingo night with my new friends. I jumped at the chance to say yes to both of these opportunities.

The 1920s party was a blast, complete with costumes, old-timey music, photo booths, and old cars. It was wonderful to laugh the night away with good people and meet more people in the process! And, while I had terrible luck at Bingo, it was great to learn more about the people around me and discover a fun Saturday night activity.

I am so excited to continue these friendships (both in school and out) as I settle into Colorado Springs.


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