I firmly believe I have the best job in the world. I teach high school choir, and every day, I am inspired by my students and their desire to grow as learners, as musicians, and as people.

Today was no exception. It has been a goal of mine to get my jazz choir to sing solos at a coffee shop. Not only do I think jazz and coffee go wonderfully together, I think it’s a great way to introduce the school music program to the greater community and to give students a chance to perform solos in a relaxed atmosphere. After planning all year, we finally had our coffee shop performance today. This was the first time I have planned a concert like this on my own, so I had some pre-performance jitters… Despite some slight hiccups (for example, a rather large miscommunication about the time of the performance), the event was great! The group sang several of our ‘greatest hits’ (pieces we’ve been working on since August that the kids ask to perform whenever they get the chance), and the soloists were poised and prepared.

While I definitely have ways to improve the concert for next year, I am incredibly proud of how this first concert went. I learned to trust that I can pull off a big event and provide students with a wonderful learning opportunity.


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