I have never been good with directions. Anyone who has ever driven with me, tried to navigate a new city with me, or simply asked me whether something is to the left or to the right can tell you that. Today, I proved that point to myself when I went to find my new favorite coffee shop. After driving down the road that I thought it was on for far too long, I quickly realized I ended up in an are of Colorado Springs in which I had not intended to be. Instead of getting frustrated, taking out my GPS, and programming in where I wanted to go, I chose to take a moment out of my routine (as I remembered this challenge could be things out of my comfort zone OR out of my routine). I decided I would enjoy the scenery (beautiful houses by the Broadmoor in the Cheyenne Mountain area) and indulge in some classical music on KCME public radio (if that doesn’t cement my identity as a nerd, I do not know what does). After having a day in which several things did not go my way, leaving me rather agitated, the relaxing drive was exactly what I needed.

After driving around for a bit, I went to my favorite hotspot in the Springs – the Ivywild School. Instead of sitting at a table by myself, which would have been my norm, I grabbed a seat at the bar at the Principal’s Office, and treated myself to a non-alcoholic coffee cocktail (a ‘brewjito’ – cold brew coffee, mint, and lime – a surprisingly refreshing combination!). I sat and talked to the bartender and got some work done. The change of scenery from my school desk to a lively coffee shop/bar was nice, and I was actually more productive because of the novelty.

While this was a completely unintended trip, I’m glad that I broke my routine, relaxed, saw a new part of my city, and tried something new.


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